Thin privilege is an interactive blog where you send me examples of thin privilege and I post them, sometimes with pics, and we can discuss them. This blog is completely dependent on the followers participation. So send me your experiences and lets see if we can wake people up to the implications of thin privilege and how it effects those of us who are not so thin.

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I really want this to be an interactive blog where my followers submit their thin privilege experiences.  So, start submitting.  I will blog you as anon if you like.  Just let me know.

As you begin to think about achieving and maintaining a healthful weight, it’s important to make sure you understand what a healthful body weight actually means. We can define a healthful weight as all of the following:

- A weight that is appropriate for your age and physical development

- A weight that you can achieve and sustain without severely curtailing your food intake or constantly dieting

- A weight that is compatible with normal blood pressure, lipid levels, and glucose tolerance

- A weight that is based upon your genetic background and family history of body shape and weight

- A weight that promotes good eating habits and allows you to participate in regular physical activity

- A weight that is acceptable to you

As you can see, a healthful weight is not one at which a person must be extremely thin or overly muscular. In addition, there is no one particular body type that can be defined as healthful. Thus, achieving a healthful body weight should not be dictated by the latest fad or current societal expectations of what is acceptable.

— Nutrition: An Applied Approach, Second Edition - Janice Thompson and Melinda Manore. (via intimate-association)

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That ugly feeling you get…


When you can’t do the entire hour of Zumba and your mother can do 2. Ugh. I feel so incrediblt unfit. I am thinner than my mom, so when I stopped, people gave me this ugly look like how dare the thinner girl tire out. I wanted to purposely crack my foot to tell then the real reason why I stopped. That it wasn’t because I eas yired but because I was hurting. But by their looks they gave me this horrible “you’re so fat it’s not even human” feeling that I hated myself for a good while: I’m trying to love my body atm and their looks is not helping. Let me lose the weight, without judgement of my current body, dammit.

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can i just say that y’all fine fat bitches should never trust a label?

of course you always see things marked “XL” or “XXL” and you’re like

“for who bitch, a toddler?”

but srsly sometimes things say “L” on them & i’m like

“no way bro y’all got to get the X on your labeler fixed cause that shit is misleading to fine asses that might take some shaming to heart and just assume they can’t get into it.”

really. my favorite housedress is labeled like “M”.

don’t be scurred just try that shit on.

oh and if you break the seams on it tough shit for the store, they should learn to stock cute shit in your fuckin’ size. don’t let anyone tell you different.

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The Fat Skinny Girl →

“By accepting that Aguilera is ‘fat,’ we are only creating a myth of the fat skinny girl, who still has firm and flawless proportions. Just as we decry the ideal skinny female, the ideal fat girl does not seem to get much criticism for projecting a body that very few overweight girls and women have.”

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Yay for crappy editing on an image post~! (I’m not a graphic designer, can you tell?)


Yay for crappy editing on an image post~! (I’m not a graphic designer, can you tell?)

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Loving the beautiful positive STRONG words flowing out of her mouth

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CBS WKBT News Anchor’s On-Air Response to Viewer Calling Her Fat (Oct. 2nd, 2012) (by estephano80)

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Thin privilege is …

Going to a resteraunt and ordering and then eating whatever you want without anyone looking at you in disgust.  It also means that no one will come by your table to tell you that you really shouldn’t be eating what your eating, as if it’s their business.